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Black Ops 3

Who's getting this for PS4 ? If there's a few I'd be up for a regular night



Last post: I'll try and be on as and when I can (if the wife's out) on a Friday.  I can't really commit to a Friday night as she generally stays up a bit later 

Posted by: roniniom on Thu Jan 14 2016 11:59:59


Thoughts on the new battlefront? Could be solid but concerned about no SP 



Last post: It's one of the few titles that makes me want a PS4.

Posted by: britcitchris on Sun May 24 2015 21:46:22


Got this with the bundle and have not got a clue what am doing my 10 yr old daughter has helped me in parts never tried the multiplayer so anyone has it give me a invite or I invite yous



Last post: I know how you feel, mate. My 9 yr old son has it and loves it to death. If I ever turn it on, I don't have a scooby doo on what to create or do.

Posted by: britcitchris on Sun May 24 2015 21:49:15

Fifa 15 Clubs

Clubs has been going few a couple of months now if you are interested in joining search Gamerdads :) get this night back up & running again on PS4



Last post: Hey guys I don't know how many are on ps4 was in the PS3 club anyone interested can also join my club we have a few guys in it all mature majority with kids there's usually a few of us on for a laugh let me know if u fancy it :)

Posted by: Gh02t on Sat Feb 28 2015 12:33:57


If anyone plays DriveClub (you really should if you don't) and fancy joining my 'older' driving club, search for 'Drive Dad Mad'. I need some clubmates to drive with me. Feel free to add me GaryMP.



Last post: I shall look tomorrow...

Posted by: Ungood on Mon Feb 2 2015 23:32:51

Diablo 3 PS4

Hey, just thought I'd ask if anyone plays Diablo 3 on PS4. Haven't played in a while as it can be a bit boring on your own. PSN ID jimmyjenkins10



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PS Plus Games

Noticed LR had started a Games with Gold thread on the Xbox forum so thought I'd do the same over here and try to keep it updated



Last post: PS4 Offerings for Dec 14 and Jan 15

Posted by: roniniom on Tue Nov 25 2014 9:41:37

GTA5 "heists"

Anybody else pretty pissed off with rockstar. Nearly a year down the line and still no sign of heists for PS3.



Last post: Yeah multi player brilliant. Had some good games about four or five members on here. All got a bit sick of waiting for heists to come.still not!! Single player great as well. Look me up macca1969uk. Get you on the big money missions 😄

Posted by: macca1969uk on Wed Oct 29 2014 9:37:42


Leave your psn ids and maybe what type of games you like



Last post: matt_coopz on PS4

Posted by: matt_coopz on Mon Jul 13 2015 8:40:24