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Just a little thread to keep you upto date regarding the latest free offerings;



Last post: Looking forward to Gear2, is it on the backward compatible list?

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Tue Feb 2 2016 15:15:18

Forza 6

Whos getting it and whats our chances of getting a 24 player game night tongue-out



Last post: I'm yet to try the Leagues, or Multiplayer. Trying to finish all the Volumes first.

Posted by: vandit73 on Thu Oct 1 2015 10:30:23

Forza Motorsports

This Is The Place For Forza Motorsports 



Last post: Ignore my last post. I've read it all on the Forza Hub smile

Posted by: vandit73 on Sun Jul 19 2015 14:31:07

New Gears of War site is LIVE!!!!

So guys the Coaliton have provided us with a new site with News, Forums, community for Gears fans and a whole new Stats page.



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Destiny Xbox One

For all things Destiny you can post here!



Last post: Xur this week is located in the Tower Hanger, he's down the stairs in the recreational area, right at the back.

Posted by: lostruin on Fri Mar 6 2015 17:33:02

Dying Light

 So anyone got this game yet? If you have played the Dead Island gmes it's a bit like that but the zombies are hard as hell the co-op is bloody great and the best way to play this game.



Last post: I really want to get this game, I am being more and more drawn to it since it's release.

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Tue Feb 17 2015 15:10:28

Sunset Overdrive

Anyone looking forward to Sunset Overdrive?



Last post: It looks great its just came out at the wrong time for me financially. Will defo pick it up at some point tho.

Posted by: GamerDad on Mon Nov 3 2014 12:28:47

Master Chief Collection. Anyone getting it?

I wanted to test the waters about this game,



Last post: I Have It But Not Played Much MP, LOL In Fact Not Done Much On It 

Posted by: ukd69 on Sat Jun 27 2015 10:00:33