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What Game Nights do you want?

A simple thread to discuss what you're playing and which games offer the best in co-op and multiplayer fun...when the Calendar launches we'll be looking for people to help manage the nights along with the community.



Last post: How about a Rocket League night? For those that haven't tried it, it's just good fun. It can be simple and rewarding at the same time, I find myself getting really into it and laughing lotz. With the ability to host private matches with the maximum of 4vs4 (bots can fill spaces) there is potential

Posted by: jay-eff on Sat Feb 27 2016 18:45:28

Battlefield Fridays - Xbox One

Me & cjackel are thinking about resurrecting our Battlefield Fridays gaming night with BF1, probably from Friday 4th or Friday 11th November.  So far on twitter, Dametheaim, Crazyocelot have said they're interested.



Last post: Definitely up for this if anybody is interested.

Posted by: dame-the-aim on Sat Oct 22 2016 19:49:57

Whats Up Guys Silverback Here

Hope your all well and thought it was time to come and say hi and become an adult and admit i am no longer a teenager (in my head i am and have been for last 15yrs) LOL. father of 4 kids oldest 16 and yungest is 5. I am a games caster and streamer and also around to get in on some gamer dads Xbox nights. I am also happy to stream events and games just ht me up my gt is xSi1verBacKx and my twitter is @xSi1verBacKx 



Last post: Thanks for your comments Silverback I have replied and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions

Posted by: ScarletSpidey79 on Fri Dec 19 2014 11:28:35

Dicing with Destiny

Hello all!



Last post: I'll add you all on my X1 and I'll be up for Destiny anytime1

Posted by: lostruin on Fri Feb 27 2015 14:33:02

Forza Night

Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 on xbox one.



Last post: I've been away from the site for a while, but I have both of these games and would be well up for having some races on either of them. Used to really enjoy the Forza nights on a Monday.

Posted by: aki2403 on Sat Apr 18 2015 20:17:34


For those not afraid to lift a Lancer, hit the B button and get bloody



Last post: Break out the chimichangas!!!

Posted by: daveycunningham on Tue Nov 15 2016 17:32:08