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What future releases are people looking foreword to?

Seems to be a pretty poor line up until the usual Christmas buzz?



Last post: Mirror's Edge. I doubt it will get the usual 10 hour early play on EA Access as I suspect you can complete the game in that time! They'll probably give two hours or something.

Posted by: jay-eff on Sun May 22 2016 14:29:42

So what is everyone's opinion on BF1?/5?!

Very much looking forward to this (slightly biased as I've like all of the series) but very brave of Dice to go with WW1.



Last post: There was part of the trailer where there was green gas and the guy putting on his mask - that suggests it might be like a smoke bomb kind of area but not sure.

Posted by: jay-eff on Sun May 22 2016 14:23:49

If you don't link COD what would get you into it?

So, it's that time of year where the speculation wheel starts turning and people start arguing/discussing what's better BF or COD. 



Last post: I think thousands will want to trade in the package that includes COD4 download, but how will that work? Will CEX/Game accept trade ins that only have Infinite Warfare and what price will they offer? If the whole thing is £80 and they give you 25/30 for IW you're still paying loads for just the remaster.

Posted by: jay-eff on Sun May 22 2016 14:16:37

Remakes or New Editions

Anyone have a game that they'd like to see updated or remade? I loved Tenchu on Playstation, would love to see that get a PS4 remake!!



Last post: R-type! Either stick with the original side scrolling or go all out and make it a bad ass Elite style.

Posted by: Tremio on Sun May 1 2016 15:38:05

Gaming and Storytelling

Just read this piece Future Gaming in the Guardian, and as this is a site for a slightly more *cough* mature gamer *cough* I was wondering if anyone else felt that as good as the games are now in this regard (Uncharted Series, The Last of Us etc.) That they are falling short on longevity?



Last post: For me, I no longer have time to play long story-line based games as I work alot, have a family to take care of and most of the time woud ike to interact with other people via onine multiplayer.

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Sat Jan 16 2016 13:47:20

Bring back COD

Just saw a brilliant tweet.



Last post: would prefer x360 as I think you don't get the same trouble with "downloading game settings" on it but depends on numbers and who has what

Posted by: jay-eff on Wed Jun 24 2015 16:41:42

Disney or Skylanders

Disney or Sklanders for kids, i already have Disney Infinity 1:0, just wondering if i bought the right one, Monsters Inc is a bit lame too be honest, so thoughts welcome :)



Last post: I bought my kids Disney Infinity 1 & 2 however they hardly play on it.   I was thinking about getting them Lego Dimensions as I think they might play this more...

Posted by: Meks666 on Thu Aug 6 2015 20:29:44

Show us your setup

Just tought we would like to see our gaming areas/shrines, so here is my area!



Last post: Yeah well I have both of them too so I looked past them lol

Posted by: ScarletSpidey79 on Mon Mar 2 2015 8:41:31

Whats your Best Game of 2014!!!

As the title suggests I've been thinking about the best games of 2014, I think the AAA titles are really going to suffer with this as there have been so many let downs, delayed releases and generally broken games.



Last post: Too be honest the next gen Consoles have been a let down especially on xbox 1, got rid of mine (though will buy another one when Halo 5 comes out no doubt)

Posted by: pauly on Wed May 20 2015 16:35:56