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Official Social Media accounts

I just wanted to round-up the official links for our social media links, as suggested in the Intro thread



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Moved to XB1

Just to say I have picked up XB1 and moved over to there from PS4, loving the dark side so far.  Friends list seems to be missing lots of GamerDads though, so please add Samureye13 to your friends list. or add your XB1 gamertag below and I will add.



Last post: Jay3ff

Posted by: jay-eff on Tue Jun 23 2015 19:09:30

Aaaaaaaaaaand were open!!!!

We are back....finally.



Last post: Hi Macca, no need to apologise as I know people wanted the site back asap.

Posted by: GamerDad on Fri Oct 17 2014 12:25:21