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Retron 3

Got one of these for xmas. Could have gone for the retron 5 but would probably only use it for SNES Megadrive and NES anyway so opted for the3. Loving it so far and makes it easier to play on newer tvs while still using the original carts. Anyone else got one



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Retro is the king!

How much retro in my man cave? A lot.



Last post: Not a lot now as I just sold a ton of stuff and I'm now only concentrating on particular gamng series! I see myself as more of a modern gamer, but still love the retro!

Posted by: lostruin on Fri Sep 18 2015 10:57:23

What you got?

Simple topic, how much history do you have holed up in your mancave?



Last post: Wow Lostruin, I normally sell mine to fund my alcoholism ;)

Posted by: FYorkshireman on Fri Jan 8 2016 16:56:01