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Steam & Origin

Hey all, just wanted to know how many GDs we have who game on PCs so please feel free to share your Steam, UPlay, Origin IDs and I'll be sure to add you!



Last post: Hi guys. You will have to bare with me here as Im a bit of a noob on pc gaming. So Ive joined the GDs community on steam, no problem there. So Ive gone to add people and every single one says there friends list is full. Great if its true but surely someone has a little space for me kiss. Or am I missing something?

Posted by: GamerDad on Sun Jan 10 2016 10:59:59

ETS 2 mods

Hello there! I'm looking for some modding websites for ETS2. Do you know some of this? I'm always use WoM but now need more game mods.



Last post: Not sure tbh mate, I rarely use mods in game coz I can't be bothered with the faff and my PC might blow up if I do tongue-out

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Thu Nov 26 2015 21:00:44

survival games on pc

hi all - just wondered if anyone was playing any of the more popular survival(ish) games on PC ? I have rust, ark, dayz, h1z1 but would be good if there was a few Gamerdads...



Last post: probably ark at the moment - not as KOS as rust or dayz

Posted by: fairview on Fri Sep 11 2015 22:36:14

Eve GamerDad Corporation

Hi all



Last post: are you guys still doing this ? I used to play a while back...

Posted by: fairview on Thu Sep 3 2015 19:50:59

Unwanted and Free Games Thread

Hi there, I have an abundance of games I have bought through Humble Bundle that I will never play, or already own. If you want anything from the list let me know here or contact me via twitter...



Last post: It will be an old version, probably not the MD version though

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Sun Jun 7 2015 0:13:46

Elite : Dangerous

Anyone planning on gettin this ? I'm tempted just for the nostalgia - playing the original on the BBC at school was what got me into gaming in the first place, and i so want it to be awesome !



Last post: It is/was <£10 on Steam at the moment, worth a look I'd say

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Thu Nov 26 2015 21:01:20

Civ V free this week on steam

Just a heads up for anyone who might off missed the news.



Last post: I thouroughly enjoy some Civ now and then. Fun games.

Posted by: ViperGT03 on Thu Dec 11 2014 18:50:41