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GamerDad Teamspeak

To help with the GamerDad nights on the PC, we now have our own Teamspeak 3 server.



Last post: Here we go guys, our very own free Discord server -

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Sat Jan 9 2016 17:36:39

What Game Nights do you want?

A simple thread to discuss what you're playing and which games offer the best in co-op and multiplayer fun...when the Calendar launches we'll be looking for people to help manage the nights along with the community.



Last post: ALL CHANGE! 

It's all about the World of Warships Beta, I can play it on my laptop just fine or I suppose I could fire up my PC at home. Anyone else up for it?

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Fri Jul 10 2015 9:53:17

Robot Rollerderby Disco Dodgeball

The GamerDads have been given a whole load of free Steam keys by the devs @82apps, if you would like a copy please a request to @GDsPC.



Last post: Sent you a code via steam, soz for the delay

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Fri Jan 9 2015 21:14:10

Thunder Thursday

Gonna give War Thunder a spin tonight



Last post: Played it again this time with a mouse. OMG what a difference . point & shoot smile

Posted by: fatkingburn on Wed Oct 29 2014 20:21:57

Battlefield Tuesdays

Hi everyone, there are a small collection of us that happen to be fairly regular on a Tuesday Eve from 8pm.



Last post: Was a lot of fun. Hope we can all make it a regular thing. 

Posted by: PoolODeath on Thu Jan 7 2016 19:28:58

What shall we play?

I know quite a few of the GDs are on PC but rarely meet up as there are a gazillion different games.



Last post: I will play anything if ive got it or can buy it cheap-ish. I am mostly a big co-op guy but dont mind foraying into multiplayer. ViperGT03 on pretty much everything. My game library pretty much consists of all types and genres. I am currently playing RYSE: Son of Rome, Civilization V, and messing around on some bot killing in CoD ghosts since it was on cheap sale. Prefer Battlefield over CoD, ive got all the Battlefields and I still enjooy playing modded BF1942 and BF2. Feel free to check out my steam library or ask me what i have on Origin or on disc. I still play many older games.

Posted by: ViperGT03 on Thu Dec 11 2014 18:59:07