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Last post: Thank you for taking the time to read the forum rules which will help keep GamerDads a friendly place for all.

Posted by: GamerDad on Thu Oct 16 2014 10:02:38

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Last post: Also, if either Tremio or LaughingRoom (or anyone else for that matter) have any personal experience of mental illness and want to share their story on the site, we'd be delighted to share it with our rapidly growing community.

Posted by: GaryMP on Thu May 19 2016 11:36:14

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Last post: Hi Tremio,

Posted by: ScarletSpidey79 on Mon Jun 27 2016 22:06:13


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Last post: Mirror's Edge. I doubt it will get the usual 10 hour early play on EA Access as I suspect you can complete the game in that time! They'll probably give two hours or something.

Posted by: jay-eff on Sun May 22 2016 14:29:42

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Last post: HTroop is a mini-mod for Battlefield 1942, 14 years in the making!  For all those that have been waiting for HTroop v1.0b8's Dedicated Server to be up and running, NOW IS THE TIME! To download HTroop v1.0b8, goto:

Register there, and have your account approved, to view the link for the Downloads page.

To connect to the dedicated server, goto your Battlefield 1942 multiplayer menu, click Add Server, and type in this IP Address: Port: 14567

As for the other mods required to run HTroop v1.0b8, here are their names and download links:

*Battlefield 1942 (Version 1.61)

*Battlefield:  The Road to Rome (Version 1.6)

*Battlefield:  Secret Weapons of World War II (Version 1.6)

All 3 of the above, may now be found and downloaded from this site:


*Forgotten Hope (Version 0.7)
You may download Forgotten Hope at one of these websites below:


*Eve of Destruction:  The Indochina Vietnam Conflict (Version 1.50)

**Don't worry, you can still download and play EoD v2.51.  The HTroop installation file, installs both HTroop in the Mods folder, as well as EoD v1.50 in the ModsHT_Data folder, allowing HTroop to read off of EoD v1.50, with no problems.  As of the current moment, HTroop does not work with EoD v2.51.  So just install HTroop, and you will have EoD v1.50.  I do recommend downloading and playing EoD v2.51; you may download it at the address given below:


The Great War (Version 0.14) I found a download site for this version of The Great War mod:




Parallel World (Version 0.62)  The download website is listed below:


Battlefield Pirates (Version 1.0)  The download website is listed below:


Desert Combat (Version 0.7)  The download website is listed below:



Desert Combat Final (Version 0.8)  The download website is listed below:



Silent Heroes (Version 1.2)  The download website is listed below:



Posted by: Professor_Smith on Mon Sep 5 2016 20:14:45

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Last post:  Hi All

Posted by: roniniom on Mon Sep 19 2016 10:48:23


GDs news beat



Last post: I just wanted to round-up the official links for our social media links, as suggested in the Intro thread

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Fri Oct 23 2015 22:13:45

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Last post:

Posted by: womblemk3 on Sun Feb 28 2016 14:01:26


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Last post: How about a Rocket League night? For those that haven't tried it, it's just good fun. It can be simple and rewarding at the same time, I find myself getting really into it and laughing lotz. With the ability to host private matches with the maximum of 4vs4 (bots can fill spaces) there is potential

Posted by: jay-eff on Sat Feb 27 2016 18:45:28

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Last post: I'm yet to try the Leagues, or Multiplayer. Trying to finish all the Volumes first.

Posted by: vandit73 on Thu Oct 1 2015 10:30:23


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Last post: Hi Guys,  not sure how many actually play War Thunder it is actually pretty good and for PS4 better than world of tanks. On a Wednesday Night I participate in a group game with two other clans OGC and Hogs of War ,nothing serious just a bit of fun but we are always looking for anyone else who wants to join in. Normally starts at 9.30-midnight. If you're interested please feel free to ping me on PSN (deano_1007).

Posted by: Deano_1007 on Thu May 26 2016 9:42:51

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Last post: I'll try and be on as and when I can (if the wife's out) on a Friday.  I can't really commit to a Friday night as she generally stays up a bit later 

Posted by: roniniom on Thu Jan 14 2016 11:59:59


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Last post: Great Post Moobs

Posted by: ScarletSpidey79 on Sun Jan 18 2015 21:54:24

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Last post: Rooser123

Posted by: Rooser on Sun Jan 10 2016 12:56:31


PC GamerDad Fun Nights

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Last post: Here we go guys, our very own free Discord server -

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Sat Jan 9 2016 17:36:39

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Last post: Not sure tbh mate, I rarely use mods in game coz I can't be bothered with the faff and my PC might blow up if I do tongue-out

Posted by: LaughingRoom on Thu Nov 26 2015 21:00:44


Retro Gaming

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Last post: Got one of these for xmas. Could have gone for the retron 5 but would probably only use it for SNES Megadrive and NES anyway so opted for the3. Loving it so far and makes it easier to play on newer tvs while still using the original carts. Anyone else got one

Posted by: GamerDad on Mon Jan 4 2016 19:57:36

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Last post: As some of you are aware, Play Expo is this weekend! Who is attending?

Posted by: lostruin on Mon Oct 5 2015 12:02:59