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Last post: Hi Guys,  not sure how many actually play War Thunder it is actually pretty good and for PS4 better than world of tanks. On a Wednesday Night I participate in a group game with two other clans OGC and Hogs of War ,nothing serious just a bit of fun but we are always looking for anyone else who wants to join in. Normally starts at 9.30-midnight. If you're interested please feel free to ping me on PSN (deano_1007).

Posted by: Deano_1007 on Thu May 26 2016 9:42:51

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Last post: I'll try and be on as and when I can (if the wife's out) on a Friday.  I can't really commit to a Friday night as she generally stays up a bit later 

Posted by: roniniom on Thu Jan 14 2016 11:59:59